A real church maintaining Jesus Christ as the only attraction! - Located in the city of Blue Ash where the Lord is Praised
In 1903, a few dedicated men and women assembled together for the sole purpose of organizing a church.  They were, Rev. Bradon, Edward Henry, Henry Humble, Henry Letcher, Sophronia Henry, Lizzie Humble, Mary Kason, Bell Letcher and Jane McNess.  Upon the organization of the church, it was agreed to be known as the First Baptist Church of Hazelwood.
The Church was recognized on September 30th, 1903 and officially organized on the 29th of October, 1903 under the spiritual guidance of Rev. L.W. Gary of Bethel Baptist Church of Walnut Hills and Rev. J. Smith of Corinthian Baptist Church of Walnut Hills.  The first pastor of the church was elected and called; Rev. Allen Brandon.  The deacons were Edward Henry, Henry Letcher and Henry Humble.  Deacon Henry Letcher was elected as the church treasurer and Sis. Sophronia Henry was elected as the church clerk.
Deacon Edward Henry was the father of the Rev. P.J. Henry Sr. who served as pastor of First Baptist for eighteen years.  His daughter, Sis. Alvina Henry, Sis Sophronia Henry; mother of Rev. E.J. Marshall, Sis. Mildred Byrd, Church Organist and Sis. Josephine Hoard.
Ambrose Hume became the first candidate for baptism.
Nelson Marshall was elected as the fourth deacon and the first church offering total as one dollar and seventy two cent.
The first Basket Meeting was held (Now Called Homecoming)
As the church continued to exist, changes in the leadership occurred.  The following are items recorded over time:
Rev. Allen Brandon, Rev. A. Davis, Rev. Maxberry, Rev. H. Summers, Rev. C. Coleman, Rev. C. Wesley, Rev. C. Castleberry, Rev. L.S. Hoard (father of Deacon Strobridge Hoard), Rev. Corneliuson, Rev. Collins, Rev. Morrow, Rev. Taylor, Rev. C. Pitts Sr. and Rev. P.J. Henry.
Rev. Henry served First Baptist faithfully and directed the building of the present structure.  He also was responsible for completely paying off the mortgage in six years and led many soles to Christ.
God in His providence allowed First Baptist to give birth to some sons of the church.  They are, the late Rev. Walter E. True, who served the Miami Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio.  The late Rev. Edward Marshall, who served as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oakley.  The Rev. Jerome Byrd, who is the pastor of Good News Baptist Church (also the son of our organist Sis. Mildred Byrd).  Thank God for the sons of the church.
The Rev. Donald L. Black was called to shepherd our church where he served for 20 years.  He has recently retired because of health issues.  During his leadership, he was instrumental in making improvements to the structure of our church which includes a handicap ramp, two new air condition units, new carpet for the sanctuary, cushions for the pews, upholstered pulpit furniture; just to name a few.
The roof of the church building was heavily damaged by the weight of snow and ice.  Rev and Sister Black opened their home to the church for services until a place was found to worship.  Raffel’s Catering off of Cornell Road offered the Church a place to worship in the smaller banquet room.
After the walls and roof were installed, the City of Blue Ash allowed the church to hold services in the lower level.
The roof was shored up along with lights and carpet.  With the help of  Sister churches, Bethlehem District and the Western District Association, the church building renovation was completed in May, 2006.
The first service held after the renovation was the funeral service for Sis. Evelyn Miller; mother of Sis Black.  The first Sunday Service was held the next day.  The church was debt free.
Rev. Black retired as pastor with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Rev. Dennis Thomas was called as pastor and the church has grown in membership.  For just a short season he was a blessing to the church and was lead to leave to other area's of his ministry.
2011-August *Present*
Rev. Donald E. Garrett Jr., (current) was called to lead this historical church in the this present age.  Membership has grown and the people of God are excited about the move of God.  We are looking forward to an even greater move of God in His church that just so happen to be called First Baptist Church of Hazelwood.